We all hate traffic, that’s a well known fact.  Cheap comedians often make jokes about being stuck in traffic.  You feel bad when someone is injured in an accident but other than that you are just angry.  I know this is true for me, and nothing irritates me more than “Phantom Traffic”.  I’m not talking about traffic caused by Phantom Gourmet events, I’m talking about those irritating slow-downs where the traffic clears and there is NO cause.  Back in June of 2006 Wired Magazine did a story on how MIT was working on way to be rid of these stupid incidents once and for all.  As much as I would like to tell you that they accomplished it, they haven’t, yet…  They have figured out exactly how they happen, which should make it a lot easier to prevent them in the future.

Well those smarties smashed their noggins together and came up with a doozie of an equation that figures out when they’ll occur:

Check out the interaction version of this formula on Wired’s website