Lucia Ristorante in Boston's North End

I LOVE this restaurant!

Lucia Ristorante & Bar in Boston’s Historic North End

My wife and I have gone here to celebrate our anniversary when we were dating.  It’s also where we went the night I proposed to her (that’s another whole story).  It’s usually a very quiet restaurant and if you get in fairly early you have no problem getting a table.  The wait staff is attentive but not intrusive and they make great suggestions if you’re not sure what to choose.

I have had Gnocchi al Pomodoro, Tortellini Quattro Formaggi,  and the Gnocchi al Pesto so far (that I can remember).  The gnocchi are always delicious and melt in your mouth with the creamy pesto.  Pair any of these with a nice glass of red wine and it’s a small taste of heaven.  You won’t want to leave yourself any leftover as the food tastes THAT good.

  • Style: Italian
  • Cost: Moderate (13-17 / entree)
  • Atmosphere: Great North End location
  • Food: Fantastic
  • Service: Above average

After you’re stuffed to the gills you’re going to need to take a walk and make some room for dessert as Modern and Mike’s pastries are both  just down the street (I’m a Mike’s Pastry guy myself but I haven’t tried anything from Modern yet so I can’t say Mike’s is better).  Grab yourself a latte or cappuccino at Cafe Pompeii and enjoy.  A night out in the North End that isn’t too expensive and is absolutely something you’ll want to do over and over again.