HALO REACH – This was by far my favorite Halo experience yet.

The story line is more interesting than I thought and kept me engaged in the game.

I have played through completely once on the Solo Campaign on Normal difficulty.  I typically will do this first on games that are heavy on Multi-player so that no story line gets ruined and I can get right in on the MP action.  I’m currently halfway through on Legendary Solo Campaign and the fighting is incredibly difficult.  I have been stuck with some really bad checkpoints and had to revert to the beginning of the level on several occasions.  My suggestion to those of you just starting out.  Distance.  Take out as many enemies as possible from a distance.  The needle rifle is what I find best.  The Sniper Rifle is a better weapon but you can only carry limited ammo.

New MP modes and armor features are a great addition although they don’t make logical sense to have better technology in a prequel.

I’ll give a full rating when I’m done with my campaign.  For now… Halo Reach is a must buy / must play.