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WordPress Plug-In: Nerd Next Door’s Custom Gravatar

I created this WordPress plug-in to allow admin’s to easily add a new default Gravatar that fits their site.


WordPress Plug-In: Nerd Next Door’s Facebook Gravatar Grabber

I created this WordPress plug-in to fetch the Facebook Profile Picture of users and commenter on your site that choose to use their Facebook Profile Link as their URL.


WordPress Plug-In: Nerd Next Door’s Link Post Thumbnail to Post

I created this WordPress plug-in to link post thumbnails to their post which is great for use on archives, author pages, and even the site’s home screen.  Give it a whirl and let me know what you think

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Restaurant Review – Lucia – North End

Lucia Ristorante in Boston's North End

I LOVE this restaurant!

Lucia Ristorante & Bar in Boston’s Historic North End

My wife and I have gone here to celebrate our anniversary when we were dating.  It’s also where we went the night I proposed to her (that’s another whole story).  It’s usually a very quiet restaurant and if you get in fairly early you have no problem getting a table.  The wait staff is attentive but not intrusive and they make great suggestions if you’re not sure what to choose.

I have had Gnocchi al Pomodoro, Tortellini Quattro Formaggi,  and the Gnocchi al Pesto so far (that I can remember).  The gnocchi are always delicious and melt in your mouth with the creamy pesto.  Pair any of these with a nice glass of red wine and it’s a small taste of heaven.  You won’t want to leave yourself any leftover as the food tastes THAT good.

  • Style: Italian
  • Cost: Moderate (13-17 / entree)
  • Atmosphere: Great North End location
  • Food: Fantastic
  • Service: Above average

After you’re stuffed to the gills you’re going to need to take a walk and make some room for dessert as Modern and Mike’s pastries are both  just down the street (I’m a Mike’s Pastry guy myself but I haven’t tried anything from Modern yet so I can’t say Mike’s is better).  Grab yourself a latte or cappuccino at Cafe Pompeii and enjoy.  A night out in the North End that isn’t too expensive and is absolutely something you’ll want to do over and over again.

Video Game Review – Halo Reach

HALO REACH – This was by far my favorite Halo experience yet.

The story line is more interesting than I thought and kept me engaged in the game.

I have played through completely once on the Solo Campaign on Normal difficulty.  I typically will do this first on games that are heavy on Multi-player so that no story line gets ruined and I can get right in on the MP action.  I’m currently halfway through on Legendary Solo Campaign and the fighting is incredibly difficult.  I have been stuck with some really bad checkpoints and had to revert to the beginning of the level on several occasions.  My suggestion to those of you just starting out.  Distance.  Take out as many enemies as possible from a distance.  The needle rifle is what I find best.  The Sniper Rifle is a better weapon but you can only carry limited ammo.

New MP modes and armor features are a great addition although they don’t make logical sense to have better technology in a prequel.

I’ll give a full rating when I’m done with my campaign.  For now… Halo Reach is a must buy / must play.

Beer Review – Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

Smuttynose Pumpkin AleSmuttynose Pumpkin Ale is another great choice in the seasonal Pumpkin Beer category.

Smuttynose has a bolder flavor and would be better for those looking to really taste the pumpkin as opposed to a just hint of pumpkin flavor like in Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale.

For now this one is #2 in my Pumpkin Beer search.

Beer Review – Jack’s Pumpkin Spice Ale

This is the first of many “Beer Review” posts to hit the web for me.

Jack’s Pumpkin Spice AleAs far as pumpkin beers go this is by far one of my favorites. My brother and I once got 12 different pumpkin beers and this one came out on top for me and continues to impress people I suggest it to. It isn’t overly pumpkin-y or spice-y. Just enough of each in a good beer to make it enjoyable. Until I come up with some kind of rating scale you’re just going to have to trust me on this one.

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